Yggdarsil, Our Vision

Our vision is to materialize all imagination in the world. We aim to create by a platform where everyone – aspiring and professionals’ writers – can develop their writing skills, build meaningful bonds with other creatives, and help them flourish their imagination. A writers’ community where everyone is welcome, with the sole purpose of empowering each and every one, encourage them to reach their full potential, and flourish into metalizing their own Imagination.

Yggdarsil is an online writers’ community management and publishing platform open for all writers looking to improve their writing and storytelling skills. An open and living Sanctuary for creative voices, where they can find beta readers, receive and provide feedback, improve their skills, and connect with likeminded writers and readers, helping them build their own masterpiece.

Here is how it works: log in or create an account. Publish your first manuscript. Connect and follow with other writers, build constructive relationships. Give support to others and provide feedback. Receive feedback and learn from it. Continue to polish your writing skills with the countless materials that Yggdarsil has to offer you. Immerse yourself into the Sanctuary of Imagination with Yggdarsil. Join us in building the utopia of creativity, and create the stories of the next centuries.

Write, Read, and improve our World

Yggdarsil Values

We believe that there are countless undiscovered worlds depicted from creative minds, as everyone has a story to tell. We hold our values at the core of everything we do.

The functional pillars that enable us to deliver our offer.

Imagination: We believe Imagination pervades our entire existence. It influences everything we do, think and create.

Creativity: We cherish and celebrate creativity. Creativity exists in everything, and everyone is blessed with their own kind.

Passion: Passion is the fire within that motivates and impels us to evolve.

Knowledge: knowledge is the light that guides us, it is the wings that empowers us to expand our horizon.

Curiosity: We are curious when we explore everything, as wherever you look there are still things we don’t know about and don’t understand, there are always new things to find out, where the world is open waiting to be discovered.

Individuality: We thrive as we return to our own unique inclinations, that marked us as we were born, the reflections to these inclinations spark transendnece within us all.

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