How to Sharpen Your Creativity

How to Sharpen Your Creativity

We all believe that we have creative gifts inside of us, waiting to be shown to the world. The world around us includes our families, our friends, our society, and also the media made us believe that inside each and every one of us is something special and unique, different from the rest of the pack. 

But the question we should ask is if indeed we do have these unique creative talents, how do we unleash them out and how do we sharpen them to become the stars that we are destined to be? 

Let’s find out.

One of the first things we must learn to do is to always have the attitude of learning new things that are outside our comfort zone.

what do I mean?

For example, I could be good at dancing ballet, but just because I love dancing ballet, doesn’t mean that if the opportunity to learn hip-hop or do choreography, I shouldn’t jump at it. This will be a great disservice to my creative toolbox. Whatever I’m good at, I must stop there, I must keep progressing because one day when the spotlight shines on me, I want to show the world that I’m not only good at ballet but also dancing hip-hop.  Someone once said, "take_risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise."

Secondly, have a student mentality. It is always said that the moment you stop learning, that’s the day you have dug your grave with your initials on it. Learn new things, expand your mind, and don’t let the sky be your limit, let it be your starting point.

Thirdly, don’t be afraid to fail. I remember the first time I started writing, I was so excited. I wrote my first article and I was so excited and I thought I was invincible, but lo and behold, I was brought low by my editor. He told me to rewrite the article all over again. I was angry at first,  but after a while, I went back to the work to see where I had done it wrong this time  I had fresh eyes to see my mistakes and that moment has helped me not be afraid of failing. The late Zig Ziglar once said, “Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street.”

Lastly, listen to music. Music? Yep!

There is something about music that helps in creativity that no one can explain. Listening to music opens your mind to creating things that you won’t have thought of. For me, whenever I’m writing, I go to my playlist. And I have seen the results (the result is this write-up; I’m currently listening to a song while writing). You have to discover what works for you. It could be listening to music before you start, or listening while working.  music is a powerful tool in the hand of a creator, 

In conclusion, I believe that we can be creative, the only thing we've got to do is to draw it out with these tools. The world is waiting on you and me to unleash the next Shakespeare, the next Picasso, and so on, and also the sky shouldn't be our limit, but a canvas for us to paint the galaxies.

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