Painless Pain 

Painless Pain 

  Before anyone wonders, if I'll be speaking about any sort of medical surgery under the effect of anesthesia  .. well no .. basically what's odd is that we be awake and through the pain while being paralyzed. weird? let's get started.         

  Don't tell me you've never been there, standing in the middle of an unpleasant situation, smiling while tens of thousands of emotionally devastating ideas flash through your head in a split second. Don't tell me you've never been in class and wanted to share your thoughts and opinions yet were afraid of other people's comments, or maybe that your English teacher asked anyone to read and you paused because you were worried about your colleague's impression of your accent. Isn't it possible to label it anxiety? However, I believe it is more than just a term used to diagnose others. We all have it buried deep within us, but we have the option of controlling it or allowing it to control us.

  What if such times weren't triggered by other people, but rather by a game you're playing with your brain? confusing? Have you ever been lying in bed trying to fall asleep when you suddenly come up with a terrible scenario that leads to tears dripping down your pillow? What's strange is that it never aches; instead, it gives you a pleasurable sensation that lets you fall asleep effortlessly. if you disagree with what I'm saying, I'd classify you as someone who is anxious to express their feelings; And I might label you "a person who needs to see a doctor and get diagnosed" if you agreed with what I'm saying. What about a schizophrenic? ... yeah, it's all about people who can't seem to mind their own business and, no matter how good you are, try to drown you and then shovel a pile of frigid sand on top. 

  Why don't we just attempt to be simple and straightforward? Isn't it true that life would be a lot simpler? Imagine starting with a smile when you meet someone new, stating it hurts when it really hurts, being real and admitting your opponent did a fantastic job winning you, starting with an apology when you make a mistake, and even if you don't make a mistake apologize just to keep the ones you care for. Is it really so difficult to live a peaceful life free of hatred, judgment, jealousy, deceit, and hypocrisy? It's never difficult because we always have the option to do whatever we want. On the one hand, every one may readily transform his or others' world for the better; on the other hand, anyone can easily make it worse.

  Am I someone professional? No... Did I mention any physical sensations? No... When you're down emotionally, do you yell ouch? No... As a result, it is always painless. Do I have a scientific solution to the problems I just mentioned? It's amusing since the answer is also a Massive NO. The solution is always in your hands; whether you push it away or hug it tight.    

Lana Hassan

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