Antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder and many more personality disorders has 1 thing in common : lacking confidence. How so? Confidence is the key to everything.

I will be focusing on two types of people, the open and closed ones. lets first explain each type , we have the open book are types of people who most likely to talk about everything and anything to anyone in their life , they can be read like an open book. On the other hand, the closed books are types of people who I would like to call mysterious, deep, and secretive, those type of charachters keep their personal life , and feelings to themselves and only to themselves. Some people find it hard to keep their life secret and some doesnt. 

Open people are easy to be understood, tolerated, handle, easy to talk to, and easy to socialize with. some pros and cons of being an open book person is that there is nothing off limits in the conversation , so the person never feels he is hiding anything. It also prevents the person from lying to save self image, since the person is fine telling everyone. But, when you’re open and honest, you’re often looked upon as weak. Mainly because you’re willing to share your weaknesses to the world. Something most are desperate to avoid. Also, people tend to know more about you than they should already know. Being open can also cause you to be very vunerable and trusting which opens up the possibility for people to take advantage of you or use your openness against you.

Having a closed personality is being quite reserved, quiet and having difficulty opening up to people .Closed  people are hard to be understood, hard to handle , sometimes its hard to talk to, hard to socialize with, and hard to tolerate. Being a closed book can be a good thing for the sake of your privacy and can help if you feel you need to keep your guard up around others, basically it can be a good way to protect yourself. While it can be a good way to protect yourself it may prevent people from feeling close to you or it may prevent you from being able to share certain experiences or feelings with someone who may be able to offer good advice or support. Closed personaliy find it hard to trust someone, their actions are opposite of what really is inside them, for instance a person might ignore you but inside him you mean alot.

In my opinon, both charachters got its ups and downs. Its you who you decide to be , if you see yourself as a fun ,easy to read, and social person an open personality is the one for you. Whereas, if you find it hard to express your feelings, anti-social , hard to read , and hard to trust someone then closed personality is for you. If you are lost and dont know what type of personality you are, you are awlays free to try new stuff and get out of your comfort zone.

Moataz Ahmed

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