“Behind a successful team, there are a lot of many hands and one mind”

The great people we all admire today all have something in common- they worked together at some point before achieving greatness. People like the late great Kobe Bryant had a dominant key player is who is none other than Shaquille O’Neal.

For those that know basketball well enough, in 1996, during the NBA draft, a young man who would change the game Kobe Bryant was drafted into the NBA, first to the Charlotte Hornets, then redrafted to the Los Angeles Lakers. Also, a dominant player none other than the great Shaquille O’ Neal was signed to the team as well.  In his previous team Orlando Magic where he displayed his athletic skills and energy which made him get so close to winning a championship but slipped out of reach. Seeing his effort and skills, the Lakers decided to sign him after his contract had run out with his previous team.  However, bringing a rookie and an experienced player to work for the betterment of the franchise and win a championship was on the mind of the owners of the team when this transaction was made. And this great teamwork brought about not only one championship but 3🏆🏆🏆, and also they are still recognized today as the most dominant duo who ever graced the basketball court in history.


Our culture has taught us in several ways that working solo sometimes is the best because we don’t want anyone to rain on our parade, or steal our spotlight from us. I’m not saying being solo is bad, but like it is said no one is an island, which means working together, rubbing minds with people who share and understand the goals you want to achieve is the best pathway to succes?


Glad you asked…

The whole world is a village of networks, which means that as a writer, you must look outside your comfort zone to meet the right people who can propel you to success.

I will give an example…

On December 2nd, 2021, I came across Yggdrasil and its founder. I read about his work on his plans for writing and writers. I was interested and I decided to reach out to him to find out more information.  But I was scared because I wasn’t sure if I should come out of my shells. But after thinking through it, I thought this was an opportunity for me to interact and learn from someone else other than myself. Looking back, I’m grateful that I chose to interact with and learn from him and that day was the beginning of our working relationship.

With his platform Yggdrasil and his willingness to help writers be the best they can be and my eagerness to come out of my comfort zone and learn from him, this teamwork has been a tremendous gift to my writing. He has recommended books to me which has helped me in my writing. I hope that this teamwork will continue to grow and show others that teamwork yields results. 


Come out of your comfort zone, look for people with who you can work together and help advance your writing goals, and be humble to seek help when you need it… 😃

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