Yggdarsil Open Beta Launch

Yggdarsil Open Beta Launch

Nuances of the Open Beta Launch

By Yousef Al Ali

Why are we doing an Open Beta Launch?

The purpose of Yggdarsil Open Beta phase is to take the opportunity in listening to the valuable feedback from the entirety of the writing & storytelling spectrum to get your insights, feedback, and views on how should this platform unfolds, as we come together to build this community dedicated to you creators, and to the prosperity of the entire ecosystem of writing.

We are testing user experience aspects like the formatting functionalities, Writer Room toolset, and workflows of search, messaging, and collaboration between writers’ functions, and other elements for us to optimize the platform and make it as interactive, as collaborative as it can be, where value flows from everyone, from writers, readers, and ourselves, hence kindly provide us your comments and feedback on the Open Beta, if you experience any issues, we will be looking forward to hear all your suggestions.

The Writer Room Experience

The Writer Room, is one of the most important pages within Yggdarsil, where the writer will sspend most of his time creating, interacting with his audience and most importantly collaborating with fellow writers, and creators.

The available functionality is a dashboard that provides overall analytics of the account, in addition to summary of the latest comments, in addition to the section where we rollout new functionalities to take you all into this journey of iteration with us one step at a time.

We also have pane for posts, where you will administer all posts whether published or unpublished, and be able to delete posts from, in addition to the other counter part of posts is the anthologies pane, where the writer will be able to create an anthology from a collection of posts, for user to look forward to depending on how frequent you post on it.

We lastly have the comment control room, where you will have access to all comments of the account and be able to respond, like, and interact with your audience from a centralized standpoint.

The detailed analytics pane is yet to be rolled out, your kind considerations into this will be highly appreciated, can’t wait to hear from you all.

The Feed Page Experience

In the feed page, we designed it in a way that will give control back to the account owner specific on exactly how they want to shape it either from the posts that is shown from his following, or the detailed reading list with bookmarked posts, highlights, and notes on content the account owner resonate so much with.

Sign up today, and immerse into this growing writing community of storytellers, interact, and shape this anticipated utopia we are aspiring to create alongside each one of you.

Check out our Social media, and blogs, and join our live Forum within Discord, in the link within the Bio, and let us know do your Dreams!


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